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At Kratom For South Africans it is our mission to educate South Africans on the amazing benefits of this miracle plant.

Research has shown the impact that this plant has on those suffering with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue and substance withdrawals. We would like all South Africans suffering with these ailments to know that there is a safe, natural, healthy alternative.

We have sourced only the finest, organic premium quality kratom direct from reputable Southeast Asian Farmers.


The humble Kratom leaf has been used for thousands of years by traditional Southeast Asian cultures for a long list of physical and emotional maladies, including as an analgesic, an energy booster, and even to aid in easing opiate withdrawal. Over the past century, modern users have favored crushing the dried leaf into a fine powder and ingesting it to receive the amazing mind and body benefits. Now, first-hand anecdotal reports from kratom users all over the world point to its power and efficacy in fighting depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Here are just some of the effects and benefits of Kratom:

Pain relief
Anti anxiety
Anti depressant
Mood enhancer
Energy boosting
Increased focus
Increased concentration
Eases social anxiety
Assists with substance abuse

What our Customers Say

Lloyd ForresterLloyd Forrester
12:31 01 Dec 22
The courier messed up my delivery by misrouting my package but once I notified the staff at Buy Kratom South Africa they sprung into action and made sure the package was quickly re routed.They also send me another free order overnight to make up for the courier’s mistake.I just tried the Kratom from them last night and I can tell you it is very high quality.I just moved back to South Africa from twenty eight years in the United States and their Kratom is on par with the top supplier in the USA.Keep up the excellent customer service and quality guys! You have a customer for life!
Elmari Bethany ByeElmari Bethany Bye
16:47 27 Oct 22
Superb service and delivery. My orders usually arrive within 24 hours, and I’ve never waited more than 48 hours. Product always arrives in good condition as it’s carefully packaged. Would recommend to family and friends.
Ryan WilsonRyan Wilson
15:50 27 Jul 22
Buy Kratom SA products and service are exceptional.The Kratom and other products offered on the site are of high quality – and are as advertised with regards to affects and ailments it assists with. The Kratom specifically has assisted someone close to me with pain management and inflammation.Orders are always shipped within a timely manner, and usually arrive within 1-2 days of ordering.Jani is always quick to respond and very helpful.
Iain McCallumIain McCallum
13:43 04 Jul 22
I have just placed my first order of Kratom and the feedback and interaction from Jani was comprehensive and immediate. I am assessing this product against other brands before writing a detailed review, specifically on the quality, but can most certainly recommend BKSA so far based on the speed of the service. Five stars out of five from me.
Hannes CalitzHannes Calitz
11:20 27 Jun 22
Their products are great. All of the kratom strains they I order from them are top quality. Not only are the products amazing, but their customer service is second to none. I always get my orders in a timely fashion, even with me living in the middle of nowhere.

Common Uses of various strains

White Vein Kratom Strains South Africa

White Vein Kratom

White vein Kratom is the earliest harvest. The veins of the new leaves are a very light green, almost white in colour.

White vein Kratom varieties are favored for their powerful energy boost and to assist with concentration and stamina , as well as ease pain and depression, and for sports endurance.

Green Vein Kratom Strains South Africa

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein Kratom is the second harvest. The veins of the leaves are a beautiful bright green colour. Green vein Kratom varieties are favored for being energetic, but also calming.

Green Kratom addresses fatigue and anxiety which often accompany chronic pain and substance abuse withdrawals.
Red Vein Kratom Strains

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein Kratom is the third harvest. The veins of the leaves are a rich red colour. Red vein Kratom varieties are favored for their strong pain-relieving properties and for relieving substance withdrawals.
Most Red Kratom strains are energising in small doses and sedating in bigger doses, also the first choice for those suffering with anxiety.
Gold Vein Kratom Strains South Africa

Gold Vein Kratom

For Gold vein Kratom the oldest largest leaves of the strain are selected. The drying process is longer but it helps to increase the potency of the strain. Gold vein Kratom varieties are favored for their relaxing effect. Depending on the strain, Gold vein can be the most stimulating or the most sedating, but always the strongest. Smaller doses are recommended.