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Green Maeng Da Kratom and Capsules

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Green Maeng Da Kraotm

Highlights of this strain:
Mood enhancement
Anxiety and stress relief
Motivation and focus enhancement
Strong stimulant effects
Increased physical stamina
Pain reduction
Nootropic effects




Green Kratom Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is an iconic kratom strain known for its potent energizing effects. An excellent natural antidepressant and stress reliever, Green Maeng Da promotes a state of relaxed energy and positivity.

This strain is an outstanding productivity enhancer—ideal for the workplace, academic studies, or creative endeavours. Since it also increases physical energy levels, it makes a useful addition to an exercise regime as a pre-workout – increasing both physical performance and the motivation to follow through.

Those with pain conditions find Green Maeng Da useful as a natural painkiller that causes minimal sedation, while easing the psychological impact associated with chronic pain

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4 reviews for Green Maeng Da Kratom and Capsules

  1. Bradley Baxter (verified owner)

    Probably my favourite strain. Green Maeng Da is a very powerful blend of soothing and energising. Perfect for relaxing after a long day, or giving you the boost you need to finish your work. Very mood boosting. I honestly have tried a lot of blends and Green MD is the most potent. And the effects are quite long lasting I get about 4 hours + of sweet Kratom joy.

  2. Martin

    I’ve tried a couple different strains and this one is the best for me so far. I use it predominately for a second burst of energy to finish some work in the evening or as a post workout recovery drink. Works amazingly well for both.

  3. Esme Barnett (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical. I need to loose weight. I have been using it for 2 weeks and cannot believe the difference.
    I drink to capsules a day. For the first time in years i don’t feel the hunger iny head but in my stomach. Im very thankful.

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    I have tried many different strains over the past year but this is the best so far. Definitely my favorite. A combination of energy and a good amount of euphoria and mood upliftment. Exactly what I needed for my anxiety and depression. Would not recommend taking it in the evening though as I had difficulty falling asleep. Very happy with my purchase and the excellent service I have received so far from buykratomsouthafrica. Thank you

    • admin

      I’m so glad you like it. This is definitely one of our best sellers. thank you matt.

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