The best service...reliable, quick and efficient! Wonderful team to ask for advise too. Just a win win all round
Cindy Williams
My experience with Kratom starting 3 years ago coming off Benzo,'s. We were searching for something to help me get through the withdrawal. Kratom has really helped me get my life back. Kratom helps me manage my pain in my body and help me cope on a more natural, safe way with stress and anxiety. The people at Kratom South Africa walk the journey with you and doesn't just sell an excellent product but becomes your partner in gaining control over your life again. Thank you Kratom South Africa.
Karin Odendaal
Want Quality ? Want good Prices ? Honestly don't look further, Kratom for Africa has the best Kratom I have had, this is the standard i believe Kratom should be at to give its user the full benefits of this beautiful plant. Happy chugger right here :D.
Branden Vanstaden
Top notch! I loved the help. I walked out with what I needed and it has fit just as described to me. As a newbie to it. It was great to meet such friendly people! Will definitely be back. I cannot recommend any more!
Shane M
Kratom SA ? thumbs up !! Best Quality Best Service ever! Biggest variety. Trust them with my life! Hail Queen of kratom♤
Christian Timothy
I was first introduced to the magic of Kratom 3 years ago by "Buy Kratom South Africa". Not only has this amazing product saved me, but has also allowed me to completely rebuild my life again. With such amazing, professional, caring and prompt service, I highly recommend this company and their products 100%.
Aprille De Carvalho
Kratom has worked brilliantly to help me cope with depression and anxiety without the need for pharmaceutical medication. It also has the bonus effect of helping with arthritis and joint pain. This store has always been very helpful and informative and only supplies very high quality products.
Bruce Cowie
Great customer service and a genuinely caring company.
Vanessa de Beer
Excellent product , excellent service -
Chadd Medalie
I have Lupus and have been using white horn Kratom for a while now. I find it really helps with the fatigue and boosts my mood as well. So grateful to have discovered this.
Charne Griffin
Service is amazing! Always responded instantly to any message I sent and gave great advice about the product. They are very knowledgeable on the different strains of Kratom and what works for your particular needs. Ordering and delivery of the product is outstanding! It was so quick to arrive and the product is phenomenal. Kratom is a life changer and I am grateful for this company that supplies what really helps me so efficiently. No complaints. Best quality.
Chantal Neves
As a medical student struggling with ADHD, the toll of focused all-nighters to prepare for the myriad of exams ahead, paired with long hours of clinical work during the day, can quickly become overwhelming and has resulted in me having a horrendous sleep cycle. Regardless of this difficult study and work schedule that university students are all too familiar with, the next work day expects just as much focus and dedication as the one before, and as we all know, sleep deprivation is a slippery slope that eventually leads to significantly decreased productivity and to you becoming a rather unpleasant colleague to those around you. During the chaos of 2020 (or as I like to refer to it as hell year), I eventually found myself needing to rely on zolpidem and other prescription sedatives to aid me in falling asleep, only to start my next morning with stimulants (concerta/ritalin and an undeniably excessive helping of caffeine) to retain some modicum of functionality throughout the day. I inevitably began feeling the strain of these high schedule agents and caffeine on my physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, I began to find it near to impossible to focus without my daily dose of Concerta and to sleep without a sedative. It was at this point in July of last year that I stumbled upon Kratom for Africa whilst doing research to find a more sustainable and safer alternative to the unhealthy way of life that I had become so familiar with. Jani and Mike have truly helped me tremendously ever since this point to find this healthier alternative that I had so adamantly been searching for. Instead of relying on my prescription concerta and excessive caffeine consumption to function on a daily basis, I am now able to use a small amount of kratom to start my day and to help me maintain a positive and productive outlook well into my working hours. In place of relying on dependance forming sedatives to fall asleep and maintain sleep beyond a few hours, I am now able to selectively use Kratom for Africa's herbal Deep Sleep blend of Valerian, lavender, hops and chamomile on those nights that sleep seems hours out of my grasp. All these amazing botanicals have aided me in living a healthier and more fulfilling student life and will undoubtedly find an irreplaceable place in my suggestions to my future patients. Thank you to everyone at Kratom for Africa for your help and for being more than just a business. Thank you for empowering your client base to strive for a healthier and more sustainable way of living.
Paolo Pellizzon
I use Kratom for anxiety and energy levels and I have to say, the strain I bought is super powerful and super effective. This is one high quality product. Delivery was done within a day. Customer support was friendly and prompt. They have such a wide range of products. This is the go-to shop for Kratom
Bradley Baxter
I've been using Kratom since July 2019 and they've been life-changing for me! My anxiety, depression and chronic pain are all well under control using Kratom and I'm almost completely off pharmaceuticals by using different strains. Their service is incredible and they have a wealth of knowledge on the different products - they really care about their clients' needs and it's super-easy to order and delivery is really quick! I HIGHLY recommend Buy Kratom South Africa!!!
Leanne Shanks
Incredible service! Professional level knowledge of Kratom, Above & Beyond in terms of communication & assistance! Thank you so much. If you live in South Africa THIS is the one and only place to go! Genuinely have so much trust in them now they helped me so much 😊 I'm so thankful to have discovered Kratom I am a new user but so lucky my first Vendor was the best, they have an insane amount of selection it's awesome and gave me really informative leaflets with. The packaging is also really good I want to keep it when I'm done it's so nice 😁 I was extremely thankful to have a supply of organic & potent Red Hulu that was the first strain I bought I have since bought Gold Bali & Green Papua both very strong. This stuff is potent. Another blessing with Kratom is that my partner found it very helpful in completely taking away her extreme lower back pain that even over the counter painkillers & prescription painkillers could not take away. It helped her get on with her day and go to work pain free. Red Hulu Qualities I've Found: Painkiller - Muscle Relaxant - Withdrawal Aid - Sleep Aid - Anti-Anxiety - Increase Libido & More! In my experience Kratom is best taken in powder form as it acts much faster, kicking in after 15 minutes. Try mixing with fruit juice or water. Or taking a flat teaspoon which is 2g directly in the mouth followed by juice or water. Of course if powder isn't your thing I'd say go for the capsules!
Mr Hamilton
After suffering from stress pain for 13 years I finally tried Kratom which calmed me down reducing the pain and stress level. I would encourage people who are continually in pain to use this product. Guida da Encarnacao.
Guida Encarnacao
Great products! Speedy delivery & excellent service. Highly recommend!!!! Thanks Kratom South Africa!!!
Lucy Cifarelli
Just had my first dose of Maeng DA and can say.... a very enthusiastic Double Thumbs Up from this satisfied punter. A definite spike in energy. Woohoo!
Im a heroin addict. I was down and out . In the gutters. Somehow i picked up a piece of paper and im not sure what it was about but what i got from it was something to do with easing opiate withdrawal. I had no money. Like nothing. Long story short, i got to go on the internet, did some research and got Jani's number, phoned her and asked her to tell me more about it. I was in tears the whole time during the call but in the end i said i will do my best to try and get hold of some money for some kratom. When i told her that Jani was like dude i cant leave you like this. I understand your pain. Again, long story short, next day post net i got a paackage jani send me and i used it to go through the withdrawal (its a nightmare) It made it so much better. Two days into my turkey i started looking for work. Normally i cant even walk for about 7 days. December will be 1 year since i had that phone call with Jani. I have a house, fiance, car, and 2 classic motorbikes. So Jani, again, i will forever be greatfull for you. My family is greatfull for you. Im a contribution to society and not a begger. So this was just a little testament to the power of Kratom. And to the kind of person Jani is. You know who i am. Love you Jani.❤
Kratom has changed my life. I am someone that struggles with anxiety and fatigue. I have chronic hip pain and often struggle to sleep. Kratom didnt just work for me on a daily basis, i see long term effects i didnt expect at all. The white strains give me enough energy in the morning to have the drive to accomplish things i just had no interest in anymore. My favorite is white horn at the moment. The Green strains are lovely and mild for days my anxiety flares up, a bigger dose of green or stronger red strain helps me to sleep like a baby at night and helps nicely for pain. I have been testing Kratom for a month now. I am so much calmer and more focused. I am excited to take on new projects. I enjoy life more. The world doesnt feel like such a dark place anymore, i have hope in ways i havent had in such a long time. I Dont need afternoon naps anymore. I dont stress eat anymore. Thank you Kratom. Thank You Jani for your genuine caring and help and giving me so many samples to find what works best for me. Thanks for all the advice, you have really helped to heal so many of my issues. The strains i love most are white horn, green horn, white hulu, green maeng da, green malay, red malay...
I felt amazing, went on a low dose and just felt awesome, defnitely a life changer!
I ordered Kratom last week and have used it a few times since. But before I get to the Kratom review, I need to just say that the supplier (Jani) has been amazing, friendly, very helpful and especially helpful in helping me figure out which Kratom to order. I've used Kratom a few times now and it definitely is worth trying rather than trying conventional over the counter stuff. It takes about 15 minutes to half an hour to start working. The one I've been taking helps you to relax and therefore helps all the sore muscles and tension in my neck relax and I start feeling relief from pain quickly. It also makes me sleep better at night as I'm more relaxed and I'm able to switch off my brain. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to know about alternative ways of dealing with pain. I will most definitely recommend buying it from Jani. Xx
Wow! Amazing service and communication! And quick delivery. But most of all as a sufferer of chronic back pain and muscle spasms have I never had as much relief as what Kratom has given me. No nasty side effects that the standard medication gives you. Forever great full 🙏🏻
A pure healthy way to treat those aches and pains. You have to try it to believe it. It's amazing.
Thank you guys so much for the lightning fast correction, and for all my goodies! Just tried the Focus Green Vein sample you gave me and it’s making programming feel great! Have a great day, I know I will 😊
Pain free opioid withdrawals!!! At last... Trust me everyone, you might want to read this... Finding the The Missing Ingredient! Or traditionally it would have been “Eureka!” Even so, I wont be running naked through the city streets whilst proclaiming so... uhm... again... ever... there was Tequila involved, need I say more? So without getting into to much sad sob story blah blah blah detail, I have been shot, stabbed and burnt (literally), I was also struck by lightning (no seriously I am not kidding), SAD ENOUGH FOR YOU?! I could go on and on about events that paved the road to addiction, but ultimately I was the one who walked the road... I am a recovering opioid addict. But without ego, also a blessedly so, very smart man and a psychological researcher amongst a great list of other things. Thank God for an acute fear of needles, I never mainlined! No less of a bloody mess though. We don’t do it because we like it, we do it because we are addicted to it, which means gut wrenching, 9th circle of hell on steroids, withdrawals, once you run dry! If they lasted a day or two like portrayed in most of the popular drug culture cult films like Trainspotting, there wouldn’t really be that much of a problem, the thing is, they don’t, they can last for about up to 7 months for up to a year!!! Try functioning normally whilst your body is physically shutting down and going into shock and then tell me to get over it again you ... mph never-mind... it is not a fun experience in the least, let me assure you... and medical professionals will not admit this following little fact to you... going cold turkey can do more damage than just stying on the drugs initially, because most medical professionals have not gone through the process they do not pick up the strain on the heart and nervous system, leading to heart failure, insomnia, dementia and a whole long list of other side effects and fatalities in the longer scheme of things... you need to do this slowly and do it properly, removing ALL the opioid residue from even as far inside your body, as your bone structure. Even so I had reached a point of maturity in my life where dependence has simply become an overwhelming childish burden to bare, so I did what any uninformed stupid addict would do, I tried to stay home and abstain from using... hahaha! Yeah, it did not work. I always knew traditional clinics was out for me as I have a major problem with any sort or form of authority other than the Almighty that Is, Was, and Will ever be, so rehab, in the traditional sense, was a no no... leading to rookie mistake number 2, SUBOXONE\METHADONE! Long and somewhat strange story short, after a 6 month Suboxone binge, I tapered back down to heroin... Then I decided it was time to fight fire with fire, traditionally a lot more suited for my personality type, and so in comes the first crucial peace of the puzzle, only mine came at the highest of costs... so busy doing some research on the net I stumble upon magic ingredient no. 1) Ibogaine. Now unfortunately some greedy asshole government’s around the world simply can not allow to loose the income from illegal drugs, predominantly Heroine and Cocaine, think about it, from production to policing to selling to shipping, it makes Amazon look like kindergarten! So to make things like Ibogaine ridiculously expensive and/or illegal, a lot of pockets belonging to very shady figures remain safe if you know what I mean. It is an unfortunate sad fact, but a reality none the less. So just a little about Ibogaine... just a must first step in dealing with your habit on the inner and outer most, practical psychological level you can find, it is rough stuff to say the least. So what is the problem? For short term users generally I would say, nothing. But for those of us who have reached the 10 year mark, things tend to get a lot nastier a lot lot quicker! By the first morning the effects of the Ibogaine wares out (waiting for you to finally fall asleep, but don’t let me ruin the surprise for you) you are going to start praying, especially if you happen to be an atheist, that death will come soon and quick. I have seen child birth... I’ll drop ten babies before going through one hour of peak withdrawals hands down, any day, I shit you not!!! Oh yes, you remember I mentioned paying a harsh price for knowledge gained... this one will twist your sense of self and make you go just a little queasy in the pit of your stomach, anyone who has taken Ibogaine will completely understand... So I show up to the Ibogaine clinic... they do all their introductions and explanations and see us comfortably to our rooms, they give us the full dose and let me tell you this girl had some potent shit! I vomited and right afterwards wham! Fairy land in the most literal sense of the word! Beautiful!!! Strong audio visual inputs like you would not believe going on all around me! So as I am just really “getting to the beautiful part of the visualisations”, the door opens, the owner comes in and sits me down on the bed and tells me “ darling your Father just passed away...” we were very close, flew together built aircraft together, drove our bikes together... There are no words that I could tell you to fully make you appreciate what was happening inside of me, how much more broken can something already shattered be? Now imagine dealing with Doctors, Lawyers, funeral homes, family I never even knew existed and the kicker... guess who the strong person in the family is! The one everyone always runs to, to keep things together.. you got it, the guy in mirror I face every morning! The biggest screw up of all... FACING ALL THIS ON A HEAD FULL OF IBOGAINE!!! The other strong person usually is my Mum, but since it just so happens to have been her birthday... 1st of June, I wasn’t expecting to much from her... I mean how do you even say happy birthday to someone when they just lost their husband? For fuck sake, what are the odds?!?!?! Then did I mention that Ibogaine should never ever EVER be taken with Heroine, YOU DIE! Guess where I stopped right after getting that piece of news on a full dose of Ibogaine... my dealer... by all means I should be dead!!! But that is not a first, actually literally the 6th time I simply should not have made it, this the only incident being drug related!!! So it is safe to say that if there is a Guinness World Record for the amount of time it took to go into full blown relapse, I think I should at least be a serious contender!!! Also taking all things into consideration, so should I be for the number of near godamn death experiences, experienced by a human being!!! Actually having died twice... the best experiences of my life... so far, ironically! Ok, so a year passes before my second attempt... it did not go very well either (big surprise right?), although the place I went in the Magalies is probably the best you could get anywhere, the staff is top notch, the Ibogaine was beautiful, but just not enough to get through that point where the lymphatic and nervous system can hit it’s reset saturation point. So by month two of non stop withdrawals, my Mum begs me to start again just to see me on my feet! But the second time round was by no means a waste, as it brought me to a wallop load more knowledge, this time the prise was not high at all, at a two for one sale in fact, I figure Karma felt it owed me a little something after the whole “your Dad (and best friend) is dead enjoy the Ibogaine” horror! So magic ingredient no. 2) DMT - Smokable form Changa. Very important to help kick start the old noggin into producing it’s own receptors in the dopamine range... and for overall sense of spiritual awakening like there is no other... but that is a whole different story all together... So at that point in time as you can imagine, things were a little rough to say the least. But it so happens that the person who originally introduced me to the DMT (God bless you Ash, also a person who happened to be there for treatment), who also introduced me to his supplier, who also happened to have different growers of medical grade Marijuana! People this is an absolute must have!!! I can not emphasise its help in the whole sobriety from opioids process enough, so much so, that I have become a grower myself!!! So safe to say that magic ingredient no. 3) Medical Marijuana, is the über magic ingredient, yes it is very expensive, at 2G’s a plastic bank note baggy (R200/1g), how much do you spend on opioids???!!! And trust me, it is not the stuff you pick up from the local taxi rank... like lightyears in between!!! Ok, so far I have been blessed with three of mother natures own beautiful remedies, and strong ones at that! In fact the strongest I believe known to mankind... so far... yet, OPIOIDS is a bitch with teeth... with babies who in turn have little teeth of their own... and so, the cycle gets going!!! Because lets face it, it is also a beautiful substance offered by mother nature, but it has it’s time and place like all things in this part of our space time existential continuum light encoded program... oh never mind I am getting way ahead and into the unnecessary again... old habits really do die hard... point and case... NOT ENOUGH YET!!! Something was still amiss and I do not tend to miss to many things in this amazing multiverse!? Say that seven times fast... got you didn’t I? So basically it was all the way back to the drawing board... a place I do not like to be and never for longer than is absolutely necessary. I got my use down to round about a constant 5-7 bags a day, but that was it, any less would result in me going horizontal and remaining that way till the flow gets going or gets cut of all together... resulting in me remaining horizontal for the better part of a year before you can expect as much as a good morning gesture, let alone a reply, from me... Obviously this was a problem where something was going to have to give... and give big time! Now I am not a very suicidally inclined type, but dear Lord a man can only take so much right! So yeah the thought crossed my mind several times, if only for the thought of all the wasted potential and standing in front of my Creator without any real excuse has always been one thought to much for even me to bare... so that was a no no... Then, as these things tend to happen, out of the blue, one of the girls who often writes to me for life advise or a good chat or whatever... support... happens to mention Mitragaia... and immediately little sparks of magic octarine flare up in the deep corners of my ever so hungry inquisitive nature... and just like that a big piece of the puzzle falls into place!!! KRATOM!!! Now I have to be honest, I was the very personification of scepticism at this point, could anyone say that they would not have been if they were in my shoes? I mean I have tried just about everything short of a shotgun to head, step on the broomstick, tried and trusted method, at this point, so then what could I possibly have to lose except a few more pieces of paper with some overrated dead politicians face printed on it any ways... But make no mistake, I did a shit load of research beforehand as those still unfamiliar will quickly learn, Kratom has a very, very big family of individuals, each adding its own unique set of characteristics to the mix. So you are going to have to stretch the old grey matter and read up on each that will enhance the flavours of your life, for your specific needs... So I initially got some for me, for helping me get through these awful withdrawals, also, for my mum, suffering from chronic pain in back, extreme depression, anxiety, she is also a junky in her own socially acceptable way, she is on barbiturates, for a very long time now and also consumes codeine like a toddler snacks on smarties. The order took about two to three days and it was on my doorstep. Packaged, all pretty, and ready for consumption... me still as sceptical as could be. I took four red Bali Kratom and two white Maeng Da Kratom tablets just to see what it does just a little after waking up, I did take one bag of heroin with a joint just after waking, not knowing what to expect from the Kratom, I gave my mum two green Papau Kratom tablets and waited... and waited... and after about 8 - 9 hours of waiting, the realisation hit me like a ton of bricks, that was it... no withdrawals!? Where I would be at a point of serious discomfort by then, or smoked at least 3 bags... it was truly unbelievable... so checking up on my mum, 10 hours in, no Codeine, no pain, no barbiturates (and is slowly weening down after 30 years of abuse), stress gone, we both had a pick up since my Fathers unexpected departure (get it? He was a pilot... come on this is comedy gold... he would have laughed). All this just seemed a bit strange after my many years of abuse I thought I would have grown just about immune to every possible remedy there is! I had my second joint about 12 hours in, my Mum went to bed taking her first barbiturate for the day just to help go to sleep... instead of stuffing them down her throat 2 at a time 10 times a day, she still has the same packet of Codeine tablets lying by her bed she purchased the day before, where they would usually be long gone... Basically it was a complete game changer as I was told by a... reliable source... hehe... I told myself if this stuff could just help me cut back a little... it would be worth it, it totally cut it out, completely surpassing all expectations I could have had to the point of me being totally flabbergasted as to how not more people know of this!? I can go traveling now... do people even understand something that simple is so severely suppressed because of addiction!? Seriously if after reading this, if you are still sceptical, in any way, well then you are retarded and should definitely get that looked into... sorry, but come on... sometimes so very very seldom unfortunately, when something sounds to good to be true, it’s actually better!!! Now it is at this point where I must pause for a second and truly bring everyone’s attention to this sad little fact... this experience of trial and error, ups and downs has been very, very, very costly! Most people will simply not have access to these miraculous things that is supposed to be much more freely available... people we can all do our part, to begin with, don’t look down on someone with a dependence you simply do not know how they came to be there. Also a very big lesson, do not make this mistake... there is a big difference between sympathy and empathy... the difference is I have a complete lack of the first!!! The old “Rekkie” S. A. Special Forces (Respect) had a saying in their camp that said: “Jou ma bly nie hier nie!” Usually followed almost expectedly with a “P” word which I don’t think needs much elaboration for anyone familiar with Afrikaans people... Translating to “Your mother does not live here!” In other words don’t expect any sympathy from me! PERIOD! But I have a never ending ocean of empathy... You see, the one thing I found that made my addiction worse than the addiction itself, was the constant mess of trying to cover up my addiction! So why cover it up? Because especially when we are young we are easily stigmatised as being “that type” when the assholes who brought up “that type” does not even know what exactly “that type” means! So to all the youths out there, don’t get boxed in! Talk! Talk! Talk! Otherwise no one will ever know... “I am in pain”, “help me”, very easy words to think, but its not so easy to say them, I know, but please do guys, we are not mind readers in that sense of the word. We can not make the hurt stop, until you tell us where it hurts... and trust me, I have had my share, I understand... you are not alone... So without trying to compete with the Bible for word count, I will follow up in time with a precise procedure for kicking the scag for once and all, including how and when and how much with concern to these four beautiful magic ingredients... Thank you all the Powers that be for Kratom and thank you everyone who supported and believed when I gave them no reason to do so...