Red Horn Kratom Capsules and Powder


Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Kratom offers a number of benefits. It is a natural painkiller that is effective in helping alleviate chronic pains. Unlike other strains the effect leans more on the healing side and less on the euphoric effect.

  • Better sleep
  • Huge anxiety relief
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Relaxation and calmness

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Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn is a red veined strain from the west Indonesia. Its sedative and mood-lifting properties are said to be some of the best across all strains. As one of the most popular kratom strains that’s highly valued for its multi-purpose use and important therapeutic effects. The strain is capable of offering you improved mood, euphoria at high doses, more energy and pain relief.

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20 capsules = 10 grams, 50 capsules = 25 grams, 100 capsules = 50 grams, 200 capsules = 100 grams, 10 grams raw powder, 25 grams raw powder, 50 grams raw powder, 100 grams raw powder


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