White Hulu Kratom Capsules and Powder

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White Hulu Kratom

This white veined strain of Kratom provides extra energy to kick-start your day and keep a high level of freshness all day long. White Hulu Kratom is a rare delicacy, and not many people are aware of its existence and properties. It is a recently introduced strain, and the people worldwide are drawing their attention to this miraculous White Kapuas Kratom.

Origin of Hulu Kapuas Kratom. Hulu Kapuas Kratom is just the regular Mitragyna speciosa. It is just a modification of typical Kratom. It is the famous Southeast Asian tree which has miraculous properties

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Fights Fatigue
  • Pain Relief

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White Hulu Kratom has strong energizing effects than coffee, one of the reasons why many people have considered its use. For females, it has been confirmed that it has an excellent effect in elevating cramps. Another benefit is that it has been considered as an analgesic that helps in relieving pain.

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20 capsules = 10 grams, 50 capsules = 25 grams, 100 capsules = 50 grams, 200 capsules = 100 grams, 10 grams raw powder, 25 grams raw powder, 50 grams raw powder, 100 grams raw powder

1 review for White Hulu Kratom Capsules and Powder

  1. Rohann du Toit (verified owner)

    This is definitely the most peculiar strain I’ve tried.

    Hulu gives a nearly overwhelming stimulation within the frontal lobe. It definitely reminds me if Ritalin and Concerta without the gurning and teeth grinding and with less anxiety. I never use more than 3g a day and the desired effects maintains throughout the consumption of the whole container. One weird aspect of this strain is the comedown of it. I feel a little tipsy when the strain wears off, a sensation I had with no other strain and something I would definitely not claim to be unpleasant. I would definitely recommend exploring this strain if one is a long time user not yet having tried this.

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